Nokia Ovi Maps

Nokia Ovi Maps (S60 5th) 3.03.10

Your personal navigation system


  • Detailed, high-quality maps
  • 3D terrain and landmark views
  • Real-time traffic information
  • Synchronization via Maps on Ovi


  • Consumes a lot of memory


Finding your way around using your mobile phone is getting easier all the time, and the powerful new Nokia Ovi Maps 3.0 Beta represents the cutting edge of cellphone-based navigation.

The aim of Nokia Ovi Maps 3.0 is an ambitious one - to offer a comprehensive and accurate guide to the real world combined with the ability to share location-related content online. Though still in Beta release, Nokia Ovi Maps 3.0 represents a major breakthrough in the world of mobile navigation.

The software features some pretty major updates to version 2.0. Besides an overall improvement in map detail and quality, Nokia Ovi Maps boasts impressive new 3D features, including three-dimensional terrain and a 3D landmarks feature for more than 200 cities. This allows you to view major buildings and attractions of a city like never before, giving you 360-degree views in 3D.

Other improvements to Nokia Ovi Maps include enhanced pedestrian navigation complete with shortcuts through parks and squares, high-res aerial images for satellite and hybrid modes, and train route maps.

Drivers will love the new car navigation features, which include details of speed limits, real-time traffic information, and lane assistance.

Perhaps the most significant feature of Nokia Ovi Maps 3.0 Beta is its integration with Ovi by Nokia. Maps are now available via the company's online service, where they can be browsed, shared, favorited, and synchronized.

Because Nokia Ovi Maps 3.0 is still in Beta it's a little unstable and it’s a bit of a memory hog at times. However, it represents an essential tool for getting around town.

Nokia Ovi Maps


Nokia Ovi Maps (S60 5th) 3.03.10

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